Milkman And The Jam

Milkman And The Jam “Andy & Jeremy”
Airs Sunday Evenings 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Andy Meeuwsen & Jeremy Meeuwsen

Milkman and the JAM went live February 16, 2014 on 106.5 KITC-FM with Andy Meeuwsen and his son Jeremy wanting to share his iPod with the world.

Born on a dairy farm in Banks, OR Andy starting at 7 years old, spent every Sunday he could glued to his parents living room speakers listening to Casey Kasem count down the hits on “American Top 40”. All the while, keeping track of all the songs each week with his pencil and yellow pad, and waiting for the next hit to break onto the charts. Along with the help of Columbia House’s 15 albums for 1 cent marketing scam, Andy created his library of New Wave 80’s Music.

Fast forward to his college days at Eastern Oregon University where Andy got involved with the radio club on campus 91.7 KEOL-FM in La Grande , OR. Where he was a DJ from ’92 to ’95. Here the “MILKMAN” (after the DJ who had the slot prior to his weekly show found out he had been raised having to milk dairy cows his whole life and started introducing him as such) was born. With the help of “The Vault” at KEOL-FM, he immersed himself with the underground and alternative college radio sound.

“THE JAM” (Jeremy Andrew Meeuwsen), after hanging out and learning the board with KITC’s own Ben Ives on the “Eclectic Music Review”, decided that he wanted to become a DJ like his dad and Ben, and play some of his own favorite music. So after many discussions on and off air, Jeremy and Ben found a way to talk the Milkman into going back on the air with THE JAM as co-host.

Growing one listener at a time, Milkman and the JAM attempt to bring you the Underground and New Wave 80’s, the College Radio 90’s, Current Alternative, Club and Dubstep hits, and, most importantly, those newest artists and their songs before they are destroyed by overplayed Pandora playlists and major label radio station conglomerates. Live shows every Sunday night 7:00pm to 8:30p. Hope you tune in!!!!

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