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Barbara Bird - Co-Host Wellness Workshop


Join Celeste with Co-Host Barbara Bird
Certified Living Well Coach
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Airs Tuesday: 5:00pm to 6:00pm

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Wellness Workshop
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About Phil & Celeste and the Wellness Workshop

The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour was birthed in Phil & Celeste Davis’ heart in 2009 as they dreamed of a show to bring everyday people together with natural health and wellness professionals and showcase testimonies of people who were able to lose weight and reverse disease using food and natural health practices.

The Davises theme song “One Day at A Time” by Joe Walsh embodies their philosophy…”a healthy life isn’t rocket science…its wise choices One Day At A Time”.

The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour features health tips from natural health professionals as well as weight loss and health recovery testimonies from men and women across the US and around the world every Tuesday Night at 5pm Pacific Time. You can listen to our show right here on KITC 106.5 FM and KNCP 107.3 FM

Phil and Celeste are high school sweethearts who have been married since 1975. Their daughter Jesi enjoys life in Nevada with her husband Kurt and her two sons, Josiah and Ian.  Their son Robb (aka Blue) and his wife Penny live in Nashville with their dog Mac where Robb and his band Fall Within minister in music.

The Davises are authors, speakers and Certified Health and Living Well Coaches. Their books and DVDs can be purchased through their website, www.thewellnessworkshop.org

  • Wonderfully Well, How We Lost 132 Pounds and Healed Our Body comes with a DVD of 6 cooking shows and their Number One tip for success, “Success My Way“.
  • My Busy Healthy Life, is a 4-Month Biblically Based Health Recovery Program
  • My New Year’s Revolution, Transformation Stories to Revolutionize Your Life.

For more information go to www.thewellnessworkshop.org

Phil & Celeste enjoy life in the beautiful mountains of Central Oregon with their Old English Sheep Dog – Fender (named after the guitar).


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